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The site will be open, normal schedule, May 2, 2015

Please note:
There will be a charge of $2 per load this year. This is due to the fire and the increased intake of slash and the cost of grinding

If you use a LOYALTY card and you take of load of mulch you will get credit for a load of slash.

Mitigation Works!
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The Black Forest Slash-Mulch Program is a Wildfire Mitigation and Recycling Program. It is co-sponsored by the El Paso County Environmental Division, Colorado Forestry Association and the Black Forest Fire Department, in cooperation with the Colorado State Forest Service and the State Board of Land Commissioners. Call (719) 520-7878 for additional information.

This web site is the sole property and responsibility of the Black Forest Slash-Mulch Committee (SAMCOM), a volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of providing educational information to encourage wildfire mitigation, and to foster forest preservation and maintenance.

  • Visitors to this site may download and share information with appropriate credit to our sponsors and contributors.
  • Reproduction or distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • Get your revised Forest Information Guide at the Slash Mulch site.
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